My Favourite Landscapes and pictures

One of my favourite landscapes is the Aurora Borealis. The beautiful light mixed in with some snowy background looks very awesome. I like how certain parts fade in creating even cooler colours. That’s why I like the Northern Lights.

A mountain scene looks amazing also. The sort of bluish colour with the beautiful snow that caps the mountain. Then lower down the mountain is darker and more grey. I think it looks amazing.

One more I like is the sunset. The beautiful pink color mixed with some yellow and orange make a great contrast. Then add some clouds to the mix that makes it look cooler. Having waves crashing into the shore adds to this also. It has a lot of beautiful things.

The sunny beach is a nice one. This I don’t think is as much the picture as it is the memory of going to a sunny beach on a hot day. Making sandcastle, lounging in the sand, or going for a swim in the salty beach water, or maybe you want to have a squirt gun fight. It is very beautiful to with the sandy beaches with some palm tree’s around with the blue water that is just calling to you.

I like this picture because of the grasslands behind the big lion. You see a lion lazing around and some green grass behind him. Not at the top of my list but still is a beautiful scene.

Why Blogs Are Cool

I think that blog are pretty cool. If you are reading this you probably agree. You can write about anything you want including about blogs.

Having a blog is really fun because it is possible to connect with people who ae interested in things that you are. I am interested in coding and people who are interested in coding might like my coding blogs.

I also blog about games sometimes so they might like my blog about that.

When you think about it you have so many things you can do if you have a blog. If you want to read lots of blogs click this link for another blog with links to other blogs.Mr. Ewert's Class | Check out our class and comment so we can know what's  making us great

Thanks for reading!


Prodigy is a pretty fun math game. You try to save the Academy which you set out to learn in. You go on quests for the guardians and get the crystals so you can finally defeat the evil Puppet Master.

In Prodigy there are many things you can do on there. There are five crystals and five different places where you could go.

There is the the ice world where you help Bok become king of the mountain again by warming it all up. Here you defeat ice creatures and an icy monster to gain the Shiverchill Crystal.

There is also the Fire world where you help Slurpy give the queen slime food. There you defeat fire creatures and the boss, the queens cook.

There also is the water land where you help Eve defeat the monster of deep called Old One.  Here you ger the Water crystal.

Then there is Skywatch where you help two weird creatures fight the clouds. You find out that someone they know did it. You get the Skywatch crystal.

The last is in Firefly Forest. You help Flora find her magic flute. You get the Firefly Crystal here.

Here is the map with the lands that you get the crystals in circled

Overall I think it is a pretty fun game. You learn math and help magical creatures and finally get to learn in the academy. Also, you can get to level 100 and lamplight town is a great place to get for wands and things like that.

Thanks for reading and here is a link to get to the website.

Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games is a free gaming website. It has a bunch of cool games like OvO, Johnny Upgrade, and Tiny Fishing. It doesn’t have anything to do with math though.

OvO is a fun platformer game where you try to get to the flag in a bunch of series of jumps, slides, and dives. There are forty levels and you try to make it in the fastest time as possible. It even has a timer try it out on Cool Math Games

Johnny Upgrade is an upgrade game where you try to defeat the evil toilet. You collect coins and buy your upgrades to do this. It is really fun and cool.

Tiny Fishing is a fishing game. You fish and upgrade your things like  how many fish or hhow much money you get when you are offline. Really fun when you get to a quadrillion.

Those are my favourite games on Cool Math Games. Try it your self.

Imagine what it would it would be like without Covid?

Wouldn’t it just be amazing if there was no Covid-19. Think about all the things we could do. We could be with our friends and have fun with anyone. We wouldn’t have to social distance and sports can actually happen. We can travel to different places like a different country.

One of my favourite things about not having Covid is sports. You can play soccer, or basketball, or all your other favourite sports. In summer you can play summer sports like soccer, or baseball. You can also play hockey in the winter.

Without Covid we could also be able to go to our  friends house. You can go to school and not ware masks or anything like that. We could high-five people without worrying or play games after school. We can go and watch movies again in movie theaters.

Everything would open up and you can go to different countries. All your plans for going places could go and you could travel outside of your own country. You  could go to a big country or one you always wanted to. You could go to a beautiful place or somewhere to help other people. The possibilities are endless.

Covid-19 is really annoying but the sooner it is over the sooner these things are possible. I want all these things and I am sure you do to so lets work hard to stop it.

Here is a link to some ideas to do in the fall.

Scratch to Java

Which coding language should you do. Which is more useful?

I think that Java is much more useful then Scratch. You will find this fact hard to dispute as Scratch only does 2d projects and Java makes big things such as google and Amazon.

Why you should use Scratch. Scratch is a great coding platforms to make games and such. It is easy to use and is great for beginners. This is because it teaches you fundamentals without having to do complex coding.

If you are making games or apps and you want to make it complex, use Java. Java is a complex coding language and you can make much better apps and games on it. Java is the core language for many big companies such as Amazon and Google. It is also used for snapchat and twitter.

So overall I think Scratch is what you should use at the beginning but you should definitely use Java as you advance you’re coding skills to higher levels. If you want a career as a developer, I don’t think Scratch will get you the job as it doesn’t require actual coding as Java does.

If you want it as a hobby use scratch. If you want a job use Java. Thanks for reading.  

What is the most popular Java IDE?

According to many articles Eclipse is the most popular Java IDE. But according to some experts such as a Java developer who has worked there for over 10 years says IntelliJ.

You might be thinking what is an IDE. An IDE  is a thing that lets you see your problems and code complex things right in it. It lets you create games and applications with a lot more ease then a simple text editor.

The most popular are for sure IntelliJ and Eclipse. IntelliJ is growing faster and if it is not already it will probably grow and gain more popularity then Eclipse. Eclipse has been popular for longer so its hard to compare.

In Hackr’s blog Javas best IDE it has a list of reasons and things about the best 13 Java IDE’s. In this article it says Eclipse is the number one. Another article agrees.  Dzone’s article Eclipse is still the best IDE say’s “Eclipse really is the best IDE” and later say’s “It’s hard to deny it has been losing ground to IntelliJ recently”

Lets get into an Experts opinion. In John Thompsons on Udemy opinion IntelliJ is the number one IDE. In lesson 7 of Java: Beginner to Guru, he shows a graph showing that IntelliJ is the most popular IDE.

I think John Thompsons view is accurate as his lesson on Java was made in 2020 while one of the blogs was made in 2018. Though this is hard to track as the other blog saying Eclipse is better was made in 2021. If person on Hackr is an expert Java programmer it would make sense to believe him to.

Both of these IDE’s are great so choose whichever you want but click these links for more dedicated information.


Udemy is a professional website for learning things. On Udemy you can do anything from mastering photography to learning the basics of coding. Udemy was made by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. It is a huge oline website with lessons from professional teachers.

The cost can be very expensive or cost little. It all depends on what you want. There are some lessons that are free but most of them cost 20 to 50 dollars for one lesson. Comparing this to Codecademy it can be expensive if you want a lot of lessons, but Codeacademy costs a lot to.

On Udemy I have started a course on coding a classic gam Ping Pong. It is simple but teaches a lot of fundamentals and is free. That lesson is the one I would recommend.  All you need for it is the Notepad app or a text editor with no special effects like Word. Word will work terribly.

Overall, this is a great learning platform to teach you everything you need to know about basically anything. If you want to get super intense with it you can buy stuff to work on to learn a little extra instead of going with the free version.


Unity is a coding program using lots of different coding programs.

There are some tutorials on the Unity page you open to get to your already made games. When you download Unity you get the Unity hub with microgames to download and videos you can watch. You have to make an account on Unity though. On Unity Hub you will find a button that says projects click it and it will show you the projects you have made. For some microgames you may have to get extra installments to make it work. If it says you need version 2019.4 click the installs button and click install which will give you the options of installments. Click on which one you want and install it.

You can post the games on the web or make your own app. On Unity you have options to install certain things so you can post the games on the web or have them on your computer on an app. This allows you to even give your friends a copy of your game by sending them your installer. Make sure you choose the right installer or you might download a virus. Be careful.

The coding is a little confusing so I suggest watching some videos on YouTube and exploring the microgames. The microgames are games already made that show you how to add certain things into you game. A good one to start with is probably the karting microgame and the platformer microgame. These are two really cool games where you learn how to customize your character and things like that. A good channel for learning is called Brackeys.

Thanks for reading and if you want it just search Unity. Bye.

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