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I am Noah Friesen, a grade 8 student. I like coding, reading, and Minecraft. I am a little nervous for going to high school, but given how I am doing now I think I will do fine. Maybe harder, but fine.

Covid was a terrible thing that happened this year. Even with it I managed to get my work done and get through grade 8. In my opinion this is a big achievement. It was hard to be in a class with masks but throughout the year it became more bearable and here I am at the end of the year.

Next year. Wow. It seemed so far away a few months ago but it’s coming soon. I am exited to be going to the high school but I am also nervous. I actually will have homework. The entire year of grade 8 and I have basically never had any homework. That’s going to make a big difference in my life.

In the classroom, as in Math or Science, I have learned a bunch of things. I know more complicated math and can understand how light works. I have also learned how to juggle with my feet and guitar. Both of those are for O.W.L and I had a great time learning them. I also learned that I can get through a pandemic. It isn’t over yet but I think I can keep pushing through.

Also, this blog is very different. I am actually telling you about my self. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I hope that the pandemic is over soon and I think most people will agree with me. Thanks for reading.

As time goes by we all get older.

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What is coding? This is a question you might ask. Coding is a thing computer can process so you can make complex applications. Some of the most popular coding languages are C++, Java, and JavaScript.

So, now that I have explained what it is, I think it is time for you to try it. Here is why. It can help you in school because you learn problem solving, and math skills. Coding can also get you jobs because we need coding for games or shopping online. It is also extremely satisfying when you build successful project.

Coding is pretty useful in school. You use math a reasonable amount and have to problem solve when you get errors. This can help you become more responsible and make you more independent.

Think about all the things you do on the computer daily. Just logging on takes an extreme amount of code. You may play computer games. Coding is essential for these games. Because of this this you can find a job reasonably easily. In fact, it’s because of code that makes it easier. The internet needs it to.

Coding is really interesting. You can make anything as long as you can think it up. I mean, I am only 13 and I have made some pretty cool games. The mistakes are hard, and you may not figure them out right away, but nothing worth doing is super easy. Just a warning. It is hard to get ideas.

Overall, I think coding is an amazing skill to have. You can get jobs, you’re more independent and it is really interesting.

Minecraft’s Most Fun MLG’s

When I play Minecraft one of my favourite tings is to do MLG’s. I have had many fun challenges with my friends and love to complete more challenging MLG’s. In this blog I am going to rate each of my favourite MLG’s from hardest and most fun.

The Classic Water Bucket



One of my favourite MLG’s is the classic water bucket. You jump down place a water bucket which stops all damage. Not to hard but is high on my list.

Scaffolding MLG



Same as water bucket except you have to shift in midair and place the scaffolding before you land. Very hard and my favourite one. I actually only discovered it a few days ago.

Horse MLG



You jump down and ride on the horse saving you from an untimely death. It is already hard when the horse is stuck but is even harder with the horse moving.

Strider MLG

Hardness: 1

Favourite: 4

All the way in the Nether there is this thing called a strider. It lives in the lava and you can ride it if you have a saddle. This MLG is just like the horse MLG except you will die from lava and lose all your stuff if you miss.

Throw the Bucket Water Bucket



First, you throw the water bucket down. Then you jump down after it, catch it in midair and place it on the ground to save your life. This one is really awesome and is one of my favorite’s.

Thanks for reading.

Minecraft’s Most Useful Mobs

Minecraft has many dangerous mobs, but people sometimes skip over the useful mobs that get you farther advanced in the game. This is a list of the most useful mobs in Minecraft

The Villager

We all know how good this mob is. Spawning in villages these traders can give you OP items. One of my favourite combo’s is a fletcher with a librarian. Trade some wood with the fletcher and get some amazing books from the librarian and you can get OP items easily.


Piglin’s aren’t as useful for non speedrunner’s, for speedrunner’s this mob is the most useful. This mob gives you ender pearls and potions just by you giving it gold.

Iron Golem’s

The Iron Golem has two uses The first is that it can protect your village and help you during raids. The other is for iron. If you kill the Iron Golem it drops from 3-5 ingots of iron. Also is amazing for speedrun’s.


Shulker’s, though one of the most annoying mobs, drop amazing items. The drop shulker shells which are used to make shulker boxes, which are an amazing way of storing your items.


Any speedrunner knows you need these to beat the game. To finish the game you need blaze rods. So a quick stop at a fortress is very useful. Also, there drops are used to make potions.


These are, in my mind, the most useful mobs in the game of Minecraft.

Here is a link to all of the mob’s in Minecraft.

Top Five Most Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft

The Wither

The Wither is definitely at the top of the list of most dangerous mobs in Minecraft. This mob player created send its head at you giving you the wither effect if it hits you. You have to make sure of a few things before you attack this. There are two options on how to defeat the wither without dying. First one get a turtle farm and and make potion of the turtle master. You can defeat him by drinking it whenever the Wither hits you. Second is much easier. Go to the End and set up a precise setup to trap it under Bedrock.

The Ender Dragon

Anyone who has played Minecraft knows of this massive beast of terror. When you kill the Ender Dragon it means you beat the game so many people try to speedrun Minecraft. Some take an hour while the masters  can take 30 min or less.

The Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardian is a boss mob the last of them. They do massive amounts of damage and are hard to kill. In bedrock its harder as you cant use doors to breath. You have to have water breathing potions to beat this.

The Creeper

That’s right the creeper. I’m sure all of you people have been nicely building a beautiful home, only to have a creeper to spawn which explodes you home and yourself. Definitely one of the most annoying mob. To think it was a mistake in the code.

The Ghast

The fifth most annoying mob was hard to choose. Was it the blaze, the wither skeleton, or the ghast. In the end I chose the ghast. This big mob shoots fireball destroying you bridge as you go to the fortress. Well thats the end of you diamond armour.

A Day in the Life of Bob Jimmy Joe Jim John Jeffery Johnathan Josiah Jeff James Jamie Jaxon

There once was a guy named Bob Jimmy Joe Jim John Jeffery Johnathan Josiah Jeff James Jamie Jaxon. He had a real knack with making electronic things. That’s why no one expected him to make a failing drone. Yep that’s right, a computer genius, he did not make a working journal.

Since he was such a genius with electronics his mistake was bigger then most people would know how to fix. He figured out where he went wrong but by then the drone had destroyed  half the town when he figured it out (The drone had a laser).

He hatched a plan on how to get it because when you pressed a certain button on the controls it would come back. He pressed it and surprisingly the Bob Jimmy Joe Jim John Jeffery Johnathan Josiah Jeff James Jamie Jaxon Drone Prototype came back. He fixed the mistakes(He did get a little burned) and tried it out again.

The Bob Jimmy Joe Jim John Jeffery Johnathan Josiah Jeff James Jamie Jaxon Drone Prototype was finally done. He released it as the Bob Jimmy Joe Jim John Jeffery Johnathan Josiah Jeff James Jamie Jaxon Drone. It goes 50 miles per hour and had a laser that could burn anything. He priced it 1000 dollars and made millions as the government bought thousands of them.


Here is some information on drones.

My Favourite Landscapes and pictures

One of my favourite landscapes is the Aurora Borealis. The beautiful light mixed in with some snowy background looks very awesome. I like how certain parts fade in creating even cooler colours. That’s why I like the Northern Lights.

A mountain scene looks amazing also. The sort of bluish colour with the beautiful snow that caps the mountain. Then lower down the mountain is darker and more grey. I think it looks amazing.

One more I like is the sunset. The beautiful pink color mixed with some yellow and orange make a great contrast. Then add some clouds to the mix that makes it look cooler. Having waves crashing into the shore adds to this also. It has a lot of beautiful things.

The sunny beach is a nice one. This I don’t think is as much the picture as it is the memory of going to a sunny beach on a hot day. Making sandcastle, lounging in the sand, or going for a swim in the salty beach water, or maybe you want to have a squirt gun fight. It is very beautiful to with the sandy beaches with some palm tree’s around with the blue water that is just calling to you.

I like this picture because of the grasslands behind the big lion. You see a lion lazing around and some green grass behind him. Not at the top of my list but still is a beautiful scene.

Why Blogs Are Cool

I think that blog are pretty cool. If you are reading this you probably agree. You can write about anything you want including about blogs.

Having a blog is really fun because it is possible to connect with people who ae interested in things that you are. I am interested in coding and people who are interested in coding might like my coding blogs.

I also blog about games sometimes so they might like my blog about that.

When you think about it you have so many things you can do if you have a blog. If you want to read lots of blogs click this link for another blog with links to other blogs.Mr. Ewert's Class | Check out our class and comment so we can know what's  making us great

Thanks for reading!

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