Udemy is a professional website for learning things. On Udemy you can do anything from mastering photography to learning the basics of coding. Udemy was made by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. It is a huge oline website with lessons from professional teachers.

The cost can be very expensive or cost little. It all depends on what you want. There are some lessons that are free but most of them cost 20 to 50 dollars for one lesson. Comparing this to Codecademy it can be expensive if you want a lot of lessons, but Codeacademy costs a lot to.

On Udemy I have started a course on coding a classic gam Ping Pong. It is simple but teaches a lot of fundamentals and is free. That lesson is the one I would recommend.  All you need for it is the Notepad app or a text editor with no special effects like Word. Word will work terribly.

Overall, this is a great learning platform to teach you everything you need to know about basically anything. If you want to get super intense with it you can buy stuff to work on to learn a little extra instead of going with the free version.


Unity is a coding program using lots of different coding programs.

There are some tutorials on the Unity page you open to get to your already made games. When you download Unity you get the Unity hub with microgames to download and videos you can watch. You have to make an account on Unity though. On Unity Hub you will find a button that says projects click it and it will show you the projects you have made. For some microgames you may have to get extra installments to make it work. If it says you need version 2019.4 click the installs button and click install which will give you the options of installments. Click on which one you want and install it.

You can post the games on the web or make your own app. On Unity you have options to install certain things so you can post the games on the web or have them on your computer on an app. This allows you to even give your friends a copy of your game by sending them your installer. Make sure you choose the right installer or you might download a virus. Be careful.

The coding is a little confusing so I suggest watching some videos on YouTube and exploring the microgames. The microgames are games already made that show you how to add certain things into you game. A good one to start with is probably the karting microgame and the platformer microgame. These are two really cool games where you learn how to customize your character and things like that. A good channel for learning is called Brackeys.

Thanks for reading and if you want it just search Unity. Bye.

Coding Academy

Coding academy is a coding platform using JavaScript. They also use HTMl which is a web designer.

At the start of Coding Academy there are a bunch of lessons teaching you on how you use JavaScript. If you need to look at the hints go do so, but try to do it with the information there.

Coding Academy tutorials are very good and they teach you a little on each subject covered in a paragraph or to of writing on the left side.

On the middle of the screen you see the code writing part of it. It sometimes makes you start from scratch and other times it has coding you need to change. This is the thing where you write main functions such as a consol.log() statement, which will post what ever you write in the brackets to the console.

On the right you have the console which is something that will post things when you write console.log() statements.

On the bottom of your screen you have the next and back buttons which are pretty self explanatory.

ON each lesson there will be challenges to complete. If you think you have done it right press the run button and you will see if you have gotten it.

Now one of the most important things in coding is variables is coding. Make sure you try extra hard in this section so you know what it is.

If you are interested in making games, or making websites this sight can help you. Here is a link to find it

Thanks for reading my blog. Bye!

The Dark Wizard

Along a dusty road in the lonely French town, a Dark Wizard walks. “Comment vas-tu, Sorcier John,” Pierre asked, “tu a l’air en forme.” As soon as he stops talking he disappeared. “I was never French, you idiot,” said Wizard John. He keeps walking.

Soon he reaches the hall. “Nous ne le capturerons pas,” said the mayor. “Sorry I’m late,” Wizard john said quietly. The hall is silent, but not from fear: they are enchanted. When they wake the mayor is gone.

Long ago Duron was full of life with green grass ad bright buildings. It was a lively town with happy people living a pleasant life. They were strong and proud and grew any plant you could imagine. It was quite different then the grey dusty town it is now.

Now we go to a lively place called Sorle. It had bright flowers and lovely smells. The sunset is a beautiful sight to see with the gold sun sinking into while radiating light turning the sky a light pink, orange, and red.

Sorle is the famous city where the detective Jimithy lives. Jimithy is a top notch detective who always wear’s an orange hat. He has black hair, with a small neat beard and moustache. He is short and kind of chubby. He has been involved in major cases in Sorle and a few of the surrounding areas.

“I told you I am not travelling that far,” said Jimithy furiously, “I don’t do missions farther then Jecser.” “But,” Jesse said, “ the mayor was gone after a big meeting and Pierre was gone the same day.” “I’ll look into it,” Jimithy sigh’s, “but no promises.

It had been a busy week for Jimithy. People were calling left and right and they all wanted the mystery of Duron solved. “Sally, were leaving for Duron,” Jimithy said. “Coming boss,” called Sally from the back room. Out emerges a young lady with blonde hair. She wears an aviators outfit(No one knows how she got it though), and she has a big smile on her face.

Now remember this is not the modern time. In the modern time the journey would be easy, but at this time it was not.

The danger was perilous, and the path was grey, as they travelled through town after town of loneliness.

About midway through there journey, Jimithy yells, “get down.” Crossbow bolts whiz past them, just where they were a second before.  They keep coming. A chilling voice calls out, “who dares to enter my domain.” Jimithy picks up a bolt and looks at it. It had a green tip that smelled somewhat tangy. It was poison. “Sally, we are dealing with an even more dangerous person then we thought,” said Jimithy, “this tip was made by magic.”

Jimithy and Sally crawl quietly along, until two rough hands grab them. “Stop right there,” said a surprisingly high voice. They are brought to the wealthy businessman named Char, famous for his listening devices and voice changers (that is why the guards voice was high). He wears a neat suit slightly big and has jet black hair, and beard. He said nothing. “Hello Char,” Jimithy said, “come to poison me.” “No, my dear Jimithy,” Char said, “I have come to give you advice. I have heard of you mission but lie low outside of Duron. If the wizard knows you are there, he will make you disappear.”

They left without an incident the rest of the way. This was a clue. Jimithy knew Char was listening, but his listening devices could never reach this far. Char was listening and Jimithy knew.

“Sally, Char is the Dark Wizard,” “What,” Sally said. “John is Chars nickname and that is what the wizard is named,” Jimithy said. They stopped and they each had a bright red apple, which tasted so sweet, and a piece of cheese.

They slept in the inn in Duron, a dull grey building with beds that are anything but comfy and slept. When they woke up, they were in a room with a nice warm light and they were in a nice comfy bed. There was a crystal chandelier hanging above a beautiful glass table. On the table there were fruits and vegetables, and a great deal of clear fresh water.

They went to the table and ate the fruits and drank the water. When they were done a young man at the age of 20-25 came in and joined them. He had kind eyes and a smile like gold. He had light brown hair and wore pure white clothing.

“Hello Jimithy and Sally,” the man said, “I am the wizard of light.” “Well wizard could you please,” Jimithy said when he is interrupted. “I know why you’re here, and yes I will go fight the Dark Wizard Char/John.” The light Wizard said, “let us go from my house in a hurry and find the mayor and the others Char has imprisoned.”

There is a flash of light and Char’s estate looms before them. “Come on out, Char,” the wizard said. There is another light and a crossbow bolt is stopped an inch from the Light Wizards heart.

The End (Of Part One)


Spotify or Youtube

Which site is better for music.

Spotify in a lot of ways is better. It is not as distracting, has lots of music and I a little more organized. The problem is that you can’t have the remixes and lots of songs that are covers won’t be shown there.

So we come to YouTube which has lots of remixes, and has almost all the songs that Spotify also has, they also have lots of covers you can’t find on Spotify. But YouTube isn’t very organized.

When you put this information together you come up with your opinion. If you don’t like remix’s and want none distracting music without the videos definitely go on Spotify. If you like remix’s choose YouTube. Organization is something Spotify has, if you like organization and remix’s choose which one you like better and make your choices based on this information.

This is based on my own experiences so if you don’t like that is to bad.

Thanks for reading.

Here is a link to Spotify and YouTube 

Jeb and Notch

Jeb and Notch are the two creators of Minecraft. Notch was the builder in code, and Jeb started developing the game making it better. The company Mojang that published it in November 2011 and has now sold over 200 million copies.

Notch’s real name is Markuss Persson and is from Sweden. He is best known for making the sandbox game Minecraft which has progressed a lot under the help of Jens Bergensten. He started coding at the age of 7 on his dad’s computer. He was named one of the one hundred most influential people, along with Jens, aka, Jeb. He is known for making quite a few other games and founded Mojang. He also competed in the Ludum 48-hour building competition and built “Breaking the Tower, a game where you gather resources and build an army to destroy a tower in the middle of an island. He has lots of skill in coding and making games.

Jens Bergensten is also famous with Minecraft. He helped develop it and made it better. He started coding when he was 11. He used Pascal and basic for his coding at the start. He now uses Java and C++. Jeb married Jenny Bergensten and had a son named Bjorn. He has not made as many games as Notch, but he helped designing Scrolls with Mojang before they made Minecraft. Jeb is a really good coder coding games very complicated that I can’t even dream about.

Jeb and Notch are two famous coders, most famous for Minecraft, that have made awesome games and are in the top 100 most influential people in the world. What would you do if you had that same skill in coding? What game would you make.

The Lone Archer

For this blog I will just write a short story.

Up on the hills a lone archer lies. Asleep. As the sun rises the archer wakes up. He sees the village so far away and begins a journey going that way. He walks and he walks and he walks and he walks. He makes it to the village in 23 days travelling from the lonely hill.

The reason the archer is walking alone is because of the life that this archer lives. This archer is a messenger of the king. He wears a long cloak, black as the night and his horse is small with endurance and speed.

He is going to the village silent and quick as he travels through forests. The village is in the sleepy place of Camprick. The province is large so the archer travels through it. This archer checks on all provinces that have a population of 20 000. He traveled through Branburg and nothing was wrong but in Camprick there was trouble brewing. This lone archer is here to sort it out. There have been five disappearances all over the province and one of them was in this village.

As he reaches the village he notices two things the guards are not on watch and the alleys have men all hidden in it with crossbows loaded and pointed out of them. He thinks “this is the town it has started in”. One man comes up behind him, sword raised, coming to kill the archer. The archer raises his bow and in two seconds the swordsman is on the ground with an arrow piercing his sword hand.

The archer drags him to an alley, warns the people to get out, and, seeing his legendary skills with a bow they run away scared. They talk and the archer “convinces” the swordsman to tell him where the people were taken.

He races to his horse hops on runs away speeding in the directions of Branburg, not caring about the crossbow bolts that came at him. He races there to the capital and finds the leader and takes him with him. The leader raises his sword as they head off to a village that is completely loyal to this leader. They admit that those men were here and were kept, but one man said they were kept here on the leader’s orders and the captured men were criminals.

The archer stormed into the jail shot the two guards down when they refused to let the men out of the jail and released them, finding that a large man almost 8 feet tall towering over him with a gigantic sword in his hand. The leader of the province comes up behind him his own sword raised and stops the blow that was going to go on the archer. He finishes the fight, wounds the large man, and brings that man before the king.

The man is caught and put in the largest and strongest jail in the whole kingdom. He never escapes.

The Lone Archer, has saved the kingdom from this horrible enemy, with the help of the leader of Branburg. The kingdom is peaceful again.

The EndBow And Arrow Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image  12793132.

Here is a link about a bow and arrow


I am sure that you probably know what origami is. Origami is folding. Folding papers into shapes to be exact. You can make animals and boxes and basically anything else. the supplies you need are paper, and scissors. That is all.

The reason I am blogging about this is that i am doing origami for my O.W.L.

I am going to write out the instructions for a simple grasshopper. I am sorry if you don’t understand it.

  1. turn paper to make a diamond. Make sure it is a square.
  2. fold to the middle. Side ways fold.
  3. fold down in a mountain fold.
  4. fold one point up but only 1 third of the paper should fold.
  5. Flip it over and do it again.
  6. Now you have your Grasshopper.

Thanks for reading. If you want more origami, click this link.


Today i am blogging about a really cool app  on Microsoft. It is called forms.

On forms you can make a quiz. You can make multiple choice, and you can also make make a quiz for opinions. It is really easy to use and it is fun to make them.

To make a quiz go to Microsoft, open forms and click new quiz. There you will see a few buttons. click the one that is circled in the picture.

When you click that you will see this. Click which one you would like the for the question.





When you are finished click this button.

If you like it then share it with people you would like to share it with. If you want check the responses and see if it is good.

Thanks for reading. Check out the Stanley Cup quiz from 2018.

Land of Stories

The land of stories is an epic series of some amazing adventures.

The land of stories starts in our world when Alex all of a sudden sets of a book to the land of stories. Her and her brother, Conner, go on a epic journey to collect the wishing spell. Along the way they make terrible enemies and fantastic friends. In they end they learn the reason why the Evil Queen tried to kill Snow White. In the end they discover something so mystical they don’t know how to process it.

In the second, they are worried about there grandmother, when their mother is kidnapped by an evil enchantress who cursed sleeping beauty, and the Beast. They, along with some legendary friends travel across the fairy tail world collecting items for an invincible wand. Alex manages to steal the Enchantress’s pride and saves the day, but something happens that Conner is sad about.

In the third, the Grande Armee, under the general Jacques Marquis, attacks the lands with a dragon. Fortunately, the dragon is slayed by an old woman. The masked man breaks into a castle and steals something very important. He vanishes afterwards.

He vanishes and appears back in the fourth book. He with the help of some evil people plan to take over the fairy tale world and the Otherworld. He traps Conner and Alex in books and they use the help of many other to escape. In the end the Masked man takes over the fairy tale world.

In the fifth, Conner travels into his own writing to find his hero’s to help him fight the masked man. He manages it with a little time. But he has so many they have to live in a hospital. They are caught so they fake out by putting up a play. At the end Alex disappears along with a bathroom.

Alex is enslaved by the horrible witches. They plan to take over the otherworld. Together with friends Conner seeks a way to save Alex. He manages to do it just before the city is going to be nuked. Alex makes everyone sleep and restores the damage she had done and that seems to be the end of it.

Thanks for reading and please read these books. Bye.

Also, please click this to get a copy.upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/81/The_Land...

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